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Tori A Tollefsen was born, raised and lives in Oslo. She is a former nurse and has studied pedagogic, art and visual communication. Tori is a member of the Oslo Camera Club (OKK) and has participated in several photo courses in OKK with Terje Skåre and at the University of Norway with Olav Erik Storm. She has attended workshops with Stina Durell, Thom Ulvær, Terje Skåre, Thor Arne Hauer, Arnfinn Johnsen, Olav Erik Storm, Nina Rangøy, Morten Krogvold and Rebecca Norris Webb and Alex Webb.


In 2017 and 2022 she has followed a mentor program with Elisabeth Nordeng Aanes and developed personal photo projects; "The mother's path to the truth", and "Architecture`s mystery and soul", which was exhibited at the Cyan gallery in february 2018 and 2023. 

Directed by OKK, she has attended several juried exhibitions.


Through her photographs, she wants to communicate the vulnerability of life. Reflections on why we are born, live and die. Life's contrast between light and darkness and spirit and matter, where the matter is a method of giving warmth, light and love. These are contrasts she has come close to through her profession as a nurse.



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